Please save the date for the next Annual Unit Owners' Meeting.  

Date:       Saturday, 6/6/20
Time:       10:00am
Bradley Beach Banquet Hall
Address:  815 Main Street, Bradley Beach.

See you all there!  

Elevator Replacement Project Updates 5/14/19

With just a week and a 1/2 before Memorial Day Weekend, it's crunch time and the stress level is a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Right now Jersey Elevator techs are making final adjustments to the newly installed elevator system. 

The elevator is nearing the end of its refit!!!

The elevator interior refit and camera project will start shortly and should go quickly.   

I'm doing frequent walkthroughs and trying to keep up with all involved vendors. 

Stay tuned for phone broadcast updates and when the new elevator is available for use after final inspection.

Interior Repaint and touchups 5/14/19

The entire 1st floor and both staircases have been repainted.
Please take great care not to mark walls and railings when entering and exiting the building.   

I will be doing a final walkthrough to see what areas need a final touch up.  

Elevator Replacement Project Updates 4/18/19

Crane on site 4/18/19 at 7:30am

New Motor, Hoist Machine, and Brake Delivery

1960 Turnbull Controller being taken away

Circa 1960 Turnbull 2 sided Controller about to be hauled away.  

New state of the art microprocessor controller (open position).

New state of the art microprocessor controller (closed position).

Old motor and hoist about to be hauled away.

New Reinforcement braces, Motor,
Hoist Machine,  Cables, and Braking System

This old equipment provided 59 years of good reliable service!

Annual Unit Owners' Meeting and Election

Date:  June 29, 2019
Time:  10:00am
Where:  Bradley Beach Fire Department Banquet Hall 
Address:  815 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 

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